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Save our village pre-school

Here, where we are in Wales, most schools teach in Welsh. Coming from a bilingual household (Spanish/English) and having done my schooling in two languages (English/French), I know that children can easily pick up several languages and speak them all well. The only problem is that we don’t speak Welsh (although we plan to learn!). So we joined Ti a Fi (Me and You in Welsh), which is a baby/toddler group where the wee ones can socialise, pick up Welsh while mummies (or daddies) have a cuppa and a biscuit in the pre-school classroom of our lovely village school in Llangyndeyrn. It is perfect – all the parents and children are lovely (we even met some like minded self-sufficientish type of folk) and the school is teensy weensy, with small classes and super friendly staff.

So all seemed hunky dory and I was no longer scared about traumatising my daughter by throwing her into a Welsh pre-school (or Meithrin as they are known in Welsh) as now she would already be familiar with the classroom and children as well as already know a bit of Welsh. I thought I should get involved with the local community and school and attend a Meithrin committee meeting. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, but I was devastated to find out that the Meitrhin is in trouble as they haven’t got enough children!

I am sure that we could easily get more children enrolled if we get the good word out about this beautiful school with better teacher/child ratios than most private schools, but in the short term, the school needs funds or the Meithrin will be shut in April or May!

We are trying to avert this disaster by fund raising, so if anyone has any suggestions on anything we could do, please leave your comments. Would anyone sponsor us to do anything?!? I have started a Donation Page as a starting point and any donations would be very gladly received. This is a fairly deprived area (ranked 18th in the County of Carmarthenshire, household income is 20% lower than average for the county) so we would really love to get some outside support.

Details of the charity can be found on the Open Charities website and on the Charity Commission website (amongst others).

If anyone is interested in coming along to the Ti a Fi or visiting the Meithrin, please call me (Veronica) on 01267 275 822.