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In the words of others…

We’ve been flat out with gardening, feeding/cleaning/training animals, working and, the latest, doing structural work knocking down a wall and opening the fireplace, where the wood burning range cooker/boiler will go. There is not much time and not much else to say at the mo, but here are some quotes we have read in the last few weeks:

A few from John Seymour’s book The Fat of the Land:

“If a man does not undertake some really hard and even violent manual work fairly often he becomes soft, his arteries harden, his heart weakens, he puts on fat, he develops blood pressure, his liver gets hob-nailed – I hate to think what he looks like inside. And outside he doesn’t look much better.”

“[T]he simple life, alas, once you really try to lead it, leads you into all this complication! You cannot live, and rear a family, on your own little share of your country, growing your own food, preserving and processing it, without this vast assemblage of tools and implements.”

“I know the modern […] worker is supposed to lead an “easier” life than, say, a French peasant. But I wonder if this supposition is correct. And I wonder if, whether “easier” or not, it is a better life? Simpler? Healthier? More spiritually satisfying? or not? I don’t wonder very long.”

“In Wales life changed for us completely. […] Our neighbours had not yet all given up brewing their own beer, killing their own pigs, and living largely from their own holdings. This fact made life immediately pleasanter for us: we no longer felt like freaks.”

We also recently read John Seymour’s book “I’m a Stranger Here Myself, the Story of a Welsh Farm”, where we read this poem:

“It’s no good asking me the way guvnor
I’m a stranger here myself
If you don’t know the way I don’t
And anyway the way to where?
Where is it that you want to get mate?
Someone said: ‘I am the Way’
But he didn’t make it clear where to
There’s plenty of ways of course
This way and that way and the other way over there
They all lead somewhere – but is it anywhere you want to go?
Oh I’m a fool am I?
I see
Well I may be a fool master but I do know where I be
I live in a bubble of air I do
With a rock in it
Hurtling through Eternity
No it’s no good asking me the way guvnor
I’m a stranger here myself
That’s me.”

And here are a few other quotes:

“Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad – or an economist.” JFK’s environmental adviser, Kenneth Boulding

“One never notices what has been done; one can only see what needs to be done.” Marie Curie

“Do not squander time. That is the stuff that life is made of.” Engraving from an old sundial.

“Never invest in an idea you can’t illustrate with crayon.” Wall Street investor Peter Lynch.