Welcome to our site!

Before we go any further you should be aware that we both flagrantly abuse the exclamation mark So if you’re the literary type that shudders at their lack of precision then be gone, this site will offend!

Anyway… over the next few weeks we will be aiming to catch up with the goings on at Penybanc Farm.

V and horse

There are a few reasons for doing what some might consider a self-important thing like creating a website when we are not a commercial business. The first is that it provides an easy and effective way of keeping those that are interested up to date with what we are up to. Websites make a great ‘take it or leave it’ method of spreading information.

The second reason is to let you know what jobs, other visitors, shindigs etc. we have going on so that you can plan your own visits accordingly (I recommend timing your stay with Cider making…). If you want to see what’s going on check out our calendar.


Finally, we hope that we can use our experience to spread some interest about the world around us and maybe even start some discussions or offer a forum for support to others that need advice or encouragement. Posts will rapidly expand to cover subjects ranging from hedge laying to solar panels to the Welsh assembly (maybe).

We hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and of course send us feedback!