OSB pigs for Sale

Oxford Sandy & Black weaners FOR SALE, Carmarthen, South Wales

We regularly have Oxford Sandy and Black pigs for sale from pedigree stock.

Previous weaners from our sow went on to win prizes at the Three Counties Show and  the Royal Welsh.

All the weaners will be electric fence trained, wormed, tagged and notched at weaning. Piglets of sufficient standard will be registered pedigree with the BPA.

The prices are about £65 each (but may vary a little depending on the quality and sex of the weaner and whether it will be registered). OSB’s are extremely friendly pigs, good at foraging, easy to finish and have delicious meat. A great pig for  beginners and experienced pig keepers alike!

Please call 01267 275822 or email veronica@penybanc.com if you would like to arrange a visit or to make an order. We can deliver within a reasonable distance at fuel cost. Please bear in mind that we can only hold weaners for people if a deposit is paid.

3 thoughts on “OSB pigs for Sale”

  1. Great website Veronica and good to see you and the family smiling so much!

    Looks like you’re the best kind of busy 🙂


    1. Thanks Henning, we have been a bit rubbish at updating recently, but we are finally back on it. I hope you are well! V x

  2. Hi Veronica do you have a boar at stud that could visit our Berkshire , she is 6 and I think the only chance we have of getting her in pig is by boar not A1. Can you help ?
    Many thanks sue Smith

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