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We have a cow!

Jersey CalfNo, I’m not quoting Bart Simpson. Our new addition to the smallholding is a pedigree 4 week old Jersey calf called Dimple. As John Seymour says, she should become the cornerstone of the smallholding and in 18 to 20 months she will hopefully start providing all our dairy needs.

Dimple has taken up residence in the old pig sty which is pretty much a calf palace. She was rather skinny when she first arrived as she had been ill when she was younger but she is now putting on weight well and  nibbling on calf nuts and hay as well as her bottle feeds. Being pretty boisterous, she fits in well with the growing Penybanc menagerie!

Name that Pig!

Oxford Sandy & Black weanersThe day before yesterday, two Oxford Sandy and Black weaners took up residence at Penybanc.

These are gilts (females), one of which is pedigree, so we think we will try and breed from her. That means we are allowed to get attached – hurrah! We want to come up with a good name for her, but we’re struggling to think of one that’s good enough.

Can you help? If so, post your suggestions in the comments please.

p.s. she is the paler one at the front!