Farrowing drama

Our lovely sow, Barbara, had another litter of piglets a few weeks ago. She did fabulously as usual and produced 12 very beautiful piglets. Unfortunately, after that it went downhill as, each time we checked on her, there seemed to be another piglet squashed. This is her fourth litter and she has never squashed them before so we couldn’t work out why this was happening. Then Babs went off her food and we had confirmation something was up. From the symptoms it seemed like it could be Metritis (an infection of the uterus, possibly because some placenta had not come out with the afterbirth). We called┬áthe vet out (in the pouring rain and the dark of course) and he took her temperature, which was very high. He gave her shots of oxytocin, antibiotics and pain┬ákillers (I think). Then, all we could do was wait – the vet said our chances were better because we hadn’t delayed in calling him out. We were very lucky and about 24 hours later she started to improve. 6 of the piglets survived (although one is slightly injured, but looks like she will survive). It just goes to show, just when you think you are used to delivering piglets, you learn something new!

Babs and piglets 2 2014

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