Dimple and Freckle

When our first calf was born here, we had a tough first few days as she didn’t suckle and we realised how important it was that she got the colostrum in her.  We gave her 4 hours with her mother but then we milked her mother, Dimple, and tried to bottle feed her. This was not easy as even though we tried to imitate the angle and height of an udder, rubbed colostrum on her nose, put the teat in her mouth and cooed and cajoled, it took well over an hour to get even half a litre into her. This carried on for about four days but then finally, little Freckle began to get the gist of suckling! So we turned her out with her mother, which was nerve wracking as it was really hot and sunny and I was petrified she would dehydrate. When I saw no suckling  by lunch time, I tried bottle feeding, to no avail. She kept her suckling hidden for the first couple of days until I finally caught her in the act. Freckle is now pretty big and strong and we’re having the dilemma of when to separate them, which is a much better problem!



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