Goosey Goosey Gander

Brecon Buff Breeding PairIt has taken us two years, but we have finally got a breeding trio of Brecon Buff geese – huzzah! We bought two of them from a lovely lady called Chris Ashton, who has written a book on the subject and gave us lots of handy tips and advice. Our gander did not come from such a reputable source, so he is unfortunately probably not a pure Brecon so we will be replacing him with a gander from Chris. Unfortunately we were too late in the season to get goslings this year. It was very exciting getting our first two goose eggs, which are HUGE but we couldn’t eat them due to the withdrawal period after worming the geese. The orchard now looks complete with our lovely geese wandering around. They are called Jerry, Margot and J-Lo. Margot is rather tame and follows us around. She seemed to take a little longer to settle as a result. Jerry, who never used to honk, now honks at us as if he is defending his ladies (although he is still very gentle and not an aggressive gander at all). Jerry never used to use the pond, but now the three of them hang out there quite often. J-Lo (so named for her ample posterior) seemed at home right away.

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