Charity Walk Success

On 6 April we had beeeeeautiful weather for our charity walk. We cycled 3 miles to the start (Melinka trying out her new seat for the first time) and then we walked a 10.3 mile circuit. As you may remember, we thought it would be 2 miles to the start and an 8 mile circuit, so this was a bit more than we had expected. I carried Melinka for most of the walk before she finally got fed up with being on my back and so Jules carried her for the last bit. We knew it had been a bit of a slog when Dusk (our normally indefatigable border collie) struggled to keep up on the cycle home. It took us a few days to recover from the blisters, muscle ache and (incredibly) sun-burn!! It was brilliant fun and we are very proud to have raised £775 for the pre-school, which will keep it open until June. I will keep my donation page open until 6 May 2013 for anyone who still wants to donate (the goal being to ensure it is open until the summer when hopefully the pre-school will get more children enrolled for the new year). Here is the LINK again.

THANK YOU to all of you who sponsored me, it really does mean a lot to me and the community.

We didn’t take any photos on the actual walk, but here is a picture of all of us at the starting point and then one taken of Melinka and I at the finish.

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