From Pig to Pork

Chanchita (a Gloucester Old Spot) was with us for almost exactly a year. Being the runt of the litter, she grew very slowly and was quite shoulder heavy, which is not really ideal. Nevertheless, we were very happy that we gave her a good life which she would otherwise never have had and, it is not as if our pig rearing would be commercially viable anyway! Probably because she was bottle fed from just a few days old, she always was a slightly odd character. Slaughter is always bitter sweet and is quite a big occasion on our little smallholding and it is important that we make good use of every last bit of meat.

Jules did the butchery himself, which was a seriously long day for him. He has made absolutely scrumptious pâté, meaty delicious sausages (all using a hand cranked mincer – phew!), lots of ham and bacon that has yet to be sampled, mouth watering faggots (which has become our tradition the day after slaughter) and left us with a freezer full of pork to eat over the next six months or so.

Anyway, I am off to eat a Sunday pork roast so I’ll leave you with a couple of snowy photos.

snowy valley Brecon Bugg Gander in the snow

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