What’s in a nap?

So here’s an insight into our life (with a baby!) on the smallholding…

Yesterday, Jules was busy doing scrub-clearing in preparation for hedge-laying (one of those dastardly jobs that must be done before the spring and leaves you looking like you’ve had a fight with a cat). Nowadays, of course, if one of us is busy the other is on Melinka watch and so their ‘productive’ time is limited to nap times or doing things one handed or with a a baby on your back.

As a snapshot, yesterday I managed to clean out the chickens and Dimple, feed the pigs, collect and stack straw from a local friend and make a small dent in some house jobs during Melinka’s 3 hours of naps. It’s a race against her waking up that most parents must be familiar with but perhaps a less usual mix of jobs and we have more reliance on the range of the baby monitor!

Anyway, apologies for the slightly outdated photo – that’s one thing that we don’t seem to find enough time for…

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