New Year’s Resolutions

We are just taking the Christmas tree down and I am ┬ámaking some belated New Year’s resolutions. One of them is to try to update this blog every Sunday night in case people are interested (I hope that, on Mondays in the office, hearing about our muddy shenanigans might make people smile?!).

Our progress has slowed (thanks to a little bundle) for the last six months, but we are still slowly ticking off jobs and here is a little summary of the most recent projects:

  1. We have put down membrane and gravel between the vegetable beds to try and help with the war on slugs and weeds.
  2. We have demolished our old corrugated iron shed and we have builders currently building a replacement. This project is not as environmentally friendly as we would have liked thanks to time and money, but at least it will be a sturdy structure that will be there for a very long time and is sorely needed.
  3. Tree felling, hedge laying and general clearing and tidying outside is an ongoing winter project.
  4. Jules got a butchery course and lots of knives for his birthday and Christmas so when we slaughter a pig next week, Jules will butcher it himself for the first time!
  5. On the animal front, we hope that this year will bring us a new calf, more piglets, more chicks goslings and hopefully ducks too.
  6. Renovations inside the house will be the main focus for 2013, in particular the bathroom and kitchen as well as beefing up the insulation and battling the damp.

Well, that’s all for now folks. We ┬áhave added loads of baby photos to the gallery for those who are interested and we leave you with this photo of Jules bringing Barbara back from her little walkabout to the neighbours’ house!


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