Washable Nappies

nappiesOur life now revolves around baby stuff so we thought it was appropriate to do a very short post about nappies. This will be very boring to most people!

We have opted for washable nappies most of the time (we sometimes use biodegradable disposable ones, but worryingly there are no 100% biodegradable nappies, so we try to avoid them). There are about a million types of washable nappy on the market and we did a LOT of research before investing a few hundred pounds in these bad boys. Our requirements were: 1) fast drying above all else; 2) one size from birth to potty in order to keep the cost down; and 3) that they be easy to use and reliable. We ended up buying Nature Babies Big Softies in cotton, which also have the advantage of being made in England so they haven’t been shipped around the world. The nappies have to be used with a waterproof outer layer (a wrap). The ones we use are the Nature Babies Essential Wraps. We also use washable wipes rather than the usual baby wipes and a flushable liner so you can just drop the poo in the loo!

It is all actually very easy once you get used to doing a load of washing every other day. It is not only better for the environment but they also cause less nappy rash and we’ve heard that it is easier to toilet train babies that use these as they can actually feel when they have wet themselves since they don’t have those gel balls that suck the moisture up.

There really is no excuse for using non-biodegradable nappies that take 200 to 500 years to decompose….


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