How things have changed since we left the Big Smoke

The 5th of November marked our second anniversary since selling our London pad and buying Penybanc. A lot has happened and today’s events are a pretty good example of how different our lives have become.

The first thing ┬áJules does on getting up at dawn is let the geese and the chickens out and then light the fire, while I feed and change the baby. We threw on clothes and went out to put the cow out to graze and then catch, tag and worm two weaners. While Jules fed all the animals I sorted the pig movement license and other bits of paperwork for selling the pigs. All this by 9am. It is not quite the same as getting up, showering, getting the tube and a coffee on the way to the office. Then there were other countless little jobs that we won’t bore you with but we rounded the daylight hours off by delivering our last two weaners to our local housing cooperative buddies (in part exchange for a willow weaving lesson). We looked at the green electric tape surrounding the enclosure a little dubiously as it was barely visible even to us in the dusky light but, being optimistic, Jules lifted the pigs out of the trailer (I could only vaguely assist as they are a) far to strong for me and b) I had Melinka sleeping in a sling on my chest) and put them into their new enclosure. Rather predictably the first shock the piggies got sent them tumbling straight out into the coppiced woodland and scrub around. Poor Jules spent the next hour and a half chasing piglets in quickly fading light. By the time Jules caught them (one of them having been caught twice) one of his trouser legs was so badly torn that the whole leg almost came off and he was covered in scratches. Let’s put it this way, he definitely doesn’t have soft office hands any more!

Anyway, we have just stoked the fires and are now off to bed at 9.30pm. Rock on!

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