Livestock Update

Our elderly pair of geese, George and Gill, are no longer with us as they were not producing any eggs (and everyone has to earn their keep if the goal is self-sufficiency). So we have now bought a pair of brecon buff geese, who are much more docile and are meant to be a hardy breed, skilled at foraging. I will put photos on the livestock page as soon as it stops raining for long enough to take my camera outside!

Dusk’s sheep dog¬†training is coming along – she¬†does very well in class, when the trainer and other dogs are watching, but at home she is a little too relaxed and more interested in playing fetch – but overall she is progressing really well and she will hopefully be a help rather than a hindrance in future when rounding up the animals.

We have two new light sussex pullets (young hens), who have joined our motley crew of chickens. The poor leghorn hens are looking a little overwhelmed by our australorp cockerel, so we are working on getting him some female company of his own size as soon as possible. We currently also have 20 australorp eggs in the incubator and we are desperately hoping that it will be third time lucky and that we will have chicks soon….

Most exciting of all, we had a go at artificially inseminating Barbara, our oxford sandy and black gilt (young female pig who has not had piglets) and she has not shown any sign of being on heat yet, so it is looking quite likely that she is pregnant. If all goes well, she should farrow around 9 September 2012, hurrah!

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