Sheep… it’s a ewe turn!

SheepIn a U-turn worthy of the Tories I’ve gone from insisting to V that we most definitely can NOT have lambs this year as our fencing is not up to it to…well… getting some lambs. The reason being that Dusk (our Collie) started training last week and we can’t really do her homework without some sheep ¬†(the ring in the background is her training area).¬†Meirion Owen, of ‘quack pack‘ fame, is helping us train her and very kindly lent us the 4 lambs. Thanks Meirion! Fingers crossed that Dusk gets the hang of it…


One thought on “Sheep… it’s a ewe turn!”

  1. Hi guys, hope all’s well.
    Let’s hope your collie ends up as a better ‘sheep-dog’ than Rudie did/is!
    I’ve been meaning to say for a while that we’re a big miffed that (unlike in most things where you’ve been happy to be 2nd) you’ve gone a got yourselves a tractor before we’ve managed to source one!
    They’re really expensive in France (enough so that we’ve considered buying one in the UK and bringing it over).
    Ok, better go eat mexican.
    Cheers, Gairy (and Nikki and Amelie).

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