Animal Adventures

We’ve had a busy couple of months making cider and getting the central heating in. More on those later, but in the meantime here is a little update on what the Penybanc menagerie has been up to.

jersey calfDimple has settled in well and, in fact, is proving to be pretty boisterous. She moos vociferously if we’re late with her morning bottle. We have been training her to get used to a halter and took advantage of the unseasonally warm weather to take her out and about for her first nibbles of fresh grass.

Jersey calf on haltercute jersey calf












We finally made a decision on our pig’s name – she is called Barbara, which we thought would probably become Auntie Barbara when she is old enough to pull that off. Although we hadn’t intended on naming our other pig, she has become known as Patch thanks to the black spot on her eye.

Babs and Patch have been moved from ┬átheir training area where we got them used to the electric fence and have now been put to ‘work’ clearing brambles from in front of the house. Following what seems to be a theme with our animals, they are pretty bolshy and squeal at us if we dawdle on our way with their food.

oxford sandy & black pigs

The most adventurous of all the animals have been the chickens. We decided to let them free range completely and, after needing some initial encouragement, they now seem to think they own the place. Not only do they sit up in trees, fly onto our roof, eat our windfalls, sit (and something that rhymes) on our front doorstep and bully Dusk but we even found them in our living room!







The funniest thing of all has been the animals’ interaction. Dusk is scared of all of them, although recently we have seen what we think are the first stirrings of a herding instinct. Dimple is a lot braver and immediately fronted up to the cockerel and, unlike Dusk, came out on top.

Anyway, we better go and feed them now – byeee!



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