Ahhh! Not courgette again… dealing with the summer glut

Well, we’re at that all-too-brief time of year where we are overrun with fruit and veg. The summer flush is in full swing with courgettes, cabbages and carrots (to name just the C’s) coming out of our ears. And, especially this year with the warm spring, the apples and blackberries are already appearing.

But, we must not complain about the mayhem but try to take advantage of it… and that’s not just through eating as many tomatoes as possible, despite what V would have you believe.

Smallholders and self-sufficientish types make a big deal of food storage, and there’s good reason too. Check back in April and you’ll find out why, as our cupboards are bare and we’re staring forlornly at the tiny seedlings in the garden.

Today at Penybanc we’ve been busy freezing a variety of beans, kale and spinach using a simple technique of blanching and then cooling quickly. Check out this useful site for guidance and blanching timings.

There’s also plenty of bottling, pickling, salting, drying, chutney and jam making to be done so we better get on with it!

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