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  1. nice video!

    we’re currently making plans for a visit to the UK in late Oct or early Nov and so one of us should be in touch about maybe coming to visit if you’re up for it (considering there’ll probably be 2.5 of us)?

    also – did nikki ever tell you that she did a self-sufficiency course at John Seymour’s place in Ireland? stayed in his house and everything!

    ok, gotta get back to my asparagus, wild cepe and (home-sprouted) mung bean soup (am bastardising a Jamie Oliver recipe – let’s hope it’s edible).

    later, gairy.

    1. Hi Gairy

      Glad you like the video!

      We would love it if you guys could make it for a visit in late October/early November. Just let us know once you have dates in mind and we can check it doesn’t clash with anything.

      That is so cool that Nikki stayed at John Seymour’s place in Ireland. We’d love to hear more about that – he is the godfather of self-sufficiency after all.

      The food sounds awesome. We’ve been eating lots of potatoes, carrots and salad from the garden. Looking forward to the courgettes and other crops which should be ready to harvest soon. We had some early blight to contend with, but that was to be expected really being in Wales. Next year we will go with blight resistant crops…. live and learn.

      Keep in touch and big love to all 2.5 of you (and Monkey boy too)
      V (&Jules) xx

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